Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Comm ...ME now!

Professor Terry
Comm. 101C
13, December 2011
Janeiro, Jacqueline
Final Reflection Post

                        When I first chose communications as my major, I was never exactly sure about what I was going to learn, I just thought it would be about speaking, and learning to interact with others. However, I was wrong about that. Since I have been a communications major I have learned much more than I thought, from this class to my organizational communications class, and many other classes I have taken. Communications has taught me that in order to do anything in life, we must be able to know how to communicate with each other. Like professor Terry said we can think of communications as water and we are the fish, we need it in order to survive. I know that when I graduate I will definitely survive, because I will have been taught skills, and theories to help me in any work environment. When writing my first initial reflection post I had discussed my problems with patience and how hard it was for me to develop patience. I have learned to be a lot more patient though since taking this class, and I have shown it, which I will explain.

                      When I first met my professor Terry in the comm lab, I was not sure about what I wanted to do, but now I have a better idea, after taking this class. I have been taught various theories in this class that have made me gather a few careers I see myself in, and they are: management, sports entertainment, event coordinator, counseling, and broadcasting. I chose these careers, because I can apply a lot of what I learned to them. One of the theories I have learned to value more since I have taken this class is perception, and this theory according to Warren and Fasset, is how one sees the world as influenced by social, political and cultural experiences that mark her/him.  I often think more now before I say things, because I am the type of person who speaks their mind, and this theory have given me a chance to step back and think, before I offend others. I have also used others in everyday life such as ; critical inquiry, impression management, and cultural location. I find power just as interesting as well, because in my dream profession as a project manager, I must know how the usage of power.

I am currently working retail at Nike factory store, and I have thought about the way I communicate more within management to my co-workers, I wouldn’t have if it were not for this class. I work with people who are all around the same age as myself, so therefore it can be hard to be professional at times. In the beginning of this class I remember learning about communication as constitutive and this theory taught me how we are all responsible for what we constitute.  I love my job and have been with Nike for two years, I don’t want to leave or get fired because I might of did something or said something stupid, that is why I am always thinking before I proceed in doing. I see myself after I graduate working with Nike and hopefully taking a step up in management. I want to be recruited; however before taking this class I probably would of never thought I could. I now have a critical perspective on what I want after I graduate, but I must work towards that and prove to my managers that I am worthy.

                     As a communications scholar I have my strengths and weaknesses and it has been very hard to watch what I say, because I still have some immaturity issues I need to work on. When I am around management at my job, I want to give them the right perception that I can be more than just a Nike employee, and this has been a difficulty for me lately. I am still learning how to make informed choices, and learn from other people’s mistakes. This has been the most meaningful because sometime’s ill go into work letting outsides problems affect my attitude inside work, and this is not professional at all. I have had short patience in the past because of my attitude so I would take it out on customers, if they wanted me to go the extra distance to help; I wouldn’t because I thought I was more important at the time. I may have not got in trouble, but it is not how a person should go into work. If I can grow out of the bad experiences then I have done my job. This is why I am so fed up with how I communicate at times; I don’t see it until after.

                          I want to excel and go into management, because one day I want to be the person who knows how to communicate with everyone. I have to admit though, my patience has improved and my co-workers have noticed it to the point that they tell me now. For example, I am a lot more patient when it comes to helping customers who barely speak English. I feel that I am willing to help them and have them smiling as they leave the store remembering my name. This is why perception is probably one of the theories I value the most. I also do this do create this into a habit of being positive at work, so my management notices it. If I can have patience and watch what I say, by leaving those with positive feedback then I will have succeeded in what I see perception as. Then, hopefully one day I can have power to where I am a good communicator, that people will want to listen to me.

As a communications scholar I am ready to put these skills to work and excel into having a more positive attitude, and positive outlooks. Impression management is also another theory I find relevant, because with perception I see that with everything I do in life. But, with impression management I can keep that impression for those with whom I work with. I can put an impression on my fellow employees that they can accept and look up to. This means everything, for example, at my job my manager is always complaining about something, and no one likes her because she is negative all the time. This is the impression she has given us, making an employee like me drag my problems into work. My manager is not good at communicating, and she is an example I want to learn from on how not to be.
                     I know that one day I will fulfill my dream into being a project manager and maybe working for the NBA, but for now I need to take it one step at a time and use the theories I have learned in the workplace I am in now.

Key Questions:
Why do people not think sometimes before they speak?
Because these people usually do not have a perception before they speak. According to Warren and Fasset, who we are is a function of the experiences we’ve had as race, class. Gender. Also people who do not think before they speak have a identity where it becomes a pattern.
What provokes people to act rudely, nor professional?
People do not carry a perception of themselves; they do not see themselves behaving that way, or they just don’t care. They are in their own cultural location.
How will communication help me in the future?
The communication skills I learn will help me in every aspect of my life, and how I communicate with others, from relationships, to the professional side.